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At FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical, our expertise and experience is unmatched, making us the most trusted commercial service provider in the Detroit area, specializing in industry water heaters. When your water heater is on the fritz, it can affect the work environment, productivity, and sometimes the safety of a business’s operations. Call FLAME today, and our expert technicians can thoroughly assess your commercial water heater, perform any repairs or maintenance services, and help determine if a water heater replacement is necessary. 

Signs of Commercial Water Heater Issues 

It’s crucial to pay attention to all parts of your commercial property, including regularly checking your water heater for signs of issues or problems. Addressing water heater problems promptly ensures that they don’t escalate into larger, more expensive problems. 

No Hot Water

Your water heater has one primary job: to provide your business or commercial property with hot water. When you’re not getting hot water, there could be something wrong with the thermostat, heating element, or sediment buildup. Whatever the case may be, Flame’s professionals can diagnose the problem and perform any repairs.                       


Water heater leaks may be small and gradual, making them hard to spot. If you notice a leak or water around your water heater, give Flame a call, and we’ll identify the source of the water leak and stop it.

Fluctuating Water Temp 

When hot water fluctuates, it could be due to a change in water pressure or usage patterns. This type of inconvenience could indicate the need for simple water heater maintenance or a sign that there’s a larger issue that needs to be addressed. 

Strange Noises

A commercial water heater may make a soft humming sound when it’s working, but if you notice strange noises coming from it, such as banging, screeching, or rumbling, don’t ignore them. Call Flame to diagnose them.

Rusty Water

When a water heater puts out rusty water, it could be due to sediment buildup or corrosion and will need prompt repairs or a replacement—at Flame, we can help!

Water Pressure

Along with fluctuating water temperatures, when a commercial water heater has low water pressure, the inconvenience can make operations difficult. 

Our Commercial Water Heater Services 

Maintenance & Repairs

Is your business suffering from a broken water heater? When it comes to commercial water heater repairs, FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical is ready to solve whatever hot water problems your Michigan business is facing. Call FLAME when your water heater isn’t working properly, and we’ll make sure one of our FLAME technicians is there to solve your problem ASAP.

Installations & Replacements

When a repair simply isn’t enough, FLAME will help you discover which water heater is the best fit for your commercial site and replace your faulty unit with a new, state-of-the-art, high-efficiency water heater.

We offer commercial water heaters to meet any demand, starting with 40-gallon water heaters and up. Working with FLAME, you’ll benefit from nothing but state-of-the-art, high-efficiency, durable water heaters—this means bigger energy savings than ever.

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Commercial Water Heater Applications

Commercial water heaters can be found and applied in all types of businesses and industries. We do small-scale commercial water heaters applied in food restaurants that need hot water for their dishwasher unit or water output. We can also service water heaters on a larger scale, such as apartment buildings or hotels. No matter your commercial water heater, FLAME has the expertise to provide you with hot water solutions. 

Types of Commercial Water Heaters 

Running a business is complex enough without equipment around the office breaking down. So, when it comes to commercial water heaters in Detroit, FLAME Heating, Cooling, and Electrical is the one place that probably knows this part of your business even better than you do. 

Storage Tank Water Heaters in Businesses

FLAME offers Michigan businesses the highest-quality storage tank water heaters to meet your facility’s needs. This type of water heater stores a finite amount of hot water that is readily available for use. Once the hot water is depleted in the tank, it will refill and heat the new water that fills the tank.

Commercial-Grade Tankless Water Heaters 

 A commercial tankless water heater doesn’t store hot water; it heats water when a hot water source is activated. Since hot water is heated instantly in a tankless water heater, it can provide an endless supply of hot water. This gives business owners better control of their hot water supply and lowers energy costs, making for a “green” business environment. 

Hybrid Water Heaters in Commercial Properties

Hybrid water heaters combine the benefits of a storage tank heater and a tankless heater. They are most often powered by electricity and heat water on demand, but they also have a small tank of readily available hot water. Hybrid water heaters are great in commercial applications that require a high hot water demand. 

Fuel Options for Commercial Water Heaters

  • Gas: Gas-powered commercial water heaters produce flames to heat water, with natural gas being the most economical power source.
  • Electric: Commercial water heaters may also use electricity to heat water by providing energy to its heating element. Electricity is often used as a heating element to transfer heat to water in homes and businesses. 

Why Choose FLAME 

FLAME is thrilled to provide our commercial clients with water heater installations covered by an industry-leading, full, 10-year tank, parts, and labor warranty. This means if your business’s hot water tank breaks down in the first 10 years after installation, all replacement costs, including the tank if needed, will be covered in full. That’s why Michigan businesses count on FLAME for water heater repair, replacement, and installation services, along with any heating and cooling needs their facility may have.

Call FLAME at (888) 234-2340, or fill out the quick contact form, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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