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Boiler Installation & Replacement in Warren, MI

Boiler room in basementWhen it comes to beating the bitter Michigan cold, a boiler can offer the consistent heat you need. At Flame Furnace, our licensed and insured technicians have the skills to handle a variety of boiler services, including installation and replacement. We respect our customer’s time and offer same-day services so that you don’t get stuck in the cold, and with our upfront pricing and available financing, there’s never been a better time to invest in your comfort with a new boiler from Flame Furnace.

Stay warm all winter with our superior boiler installation and replacement services. Call (888) 234-2340 to get a free estimate!

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Boiler

If your boiler isn’t operating properly, you may need a replacement. Signs that you would benefit from a new, more highly efficient boiler include:

  • Yellow flame: A healthy boiler flame should be blue. If your boiler has a yellow flame, it receives limited oxygen and could leak dangerous carbon monoxide.
  • Odd smell: Your boiler shouldn’t have any odor. If you smell something, it could be carbon monoxide or an indication that some of the boiler parts have burnt out.
  • Power issues: Your boiler frequently shutting down is a sign of an issue like low pressure, a faulty thermostat, or pump problems.
  • Reduced pressure: Loss of pressure is usually due to leaks in the system or air escaping through a valve, but it can also happen when your system needs replacement.
  • Rising energy bills: If your utility bills are on the rise, your boiler needs to be fixed. Especially for older boilers, this is a sign that your system is overworked.
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Boiler Installation and Replacement

When your boiler is beyond repair, our team is here to provide outstanding installation services. We offer prompt replacements so that your comfort is never compromised. Our respectful and responsible team will treat your home like we’d treat our own.

At Flame Furnace, we offer free estimates on replacement quotes and help you select the best boiler to meet your specific needs. Once you’ve chosen a new system, we’ll provide clean and seamless removal of your old boiler, flush and clean the pipework, and install the new unit to restore your heat quickly.

To schedule boiler replacement in Metro Detroit, call our experts at (888) 234-2340.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1949, Flame Furnace has provided unmatched customer service to the residents of Metro Detroit from our highly trained expert technicians. Our comprehensive boiler services give you access to the efficient and reliable heat you need. With our expertise and responsiveness, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands, and with our reputation for excellence, we’re proud to be Detroit’s premier HVAC, plumbing, and electrical company.

When you need superior boiler services in Wayne or Oakland County, trust the team with 70+ years of experience. Call FLAME at (888) 234-2340 or contact us online.


A modern boiler will last around 20 years. The best way to extend the life span is to get regular maintenance performed by a professional.

Some systems are combination boilers that offer both heating and hot water, while others use an external water tank to heat and store water to be used in your home.

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