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Leak Detection & Repair in Troy, MI

At FLAME, we know that an efficient and functional plumbing system is vital for the safety and cleanliness of your home. When problems arise, trust our leak detection experts. As part of our comprehensive plumbing services, we offer superior leak detection and repair services to protect your home from severe water damage and restore your plumbing to peak performance. With same-day service, we’re here when the residents of Troy and the surrounding areas need us most. 

For superior leak detection and repair services, call FLAME at (888) 234-2340 or contact us online!

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 Leak Detection & Repair

FLAME is proud to offer leak detection and repair services throughout Michigan. We know leaks can lead to costly water damage to your home and personal belongings and a substantial water bill. With immediate attention from our technicians, you can help avoid a plumbing disaster. We use the latest techniques and tools to provide non-invasive leak detection services and top-notch plumbing repairs to find and fix the source of your plumbing issues. 

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Signs Your Home Has a Leak

Many plumbing leaks go unnoticed and are hidden behind your walls. That’s why it’s critical to watch for any warning signs that you have a plumbing issue, including:

  • Mold & mildew: Mold growth indicates excess moisture within the home.
  • Increased water bills: A sudden increase in your water bill clearly indicates a leak.
  • Visible water: Any standing water in basements or sinks is likely due to a leak.
  • Musty smells: Musty odors are caused by dampness and mold growth.

If you have any of these signs of leaks, call us at (888) 234-2340 or contact us online!

Undetected Leaks & Common Causes

Your home has a variety of plumbing fixtures, from sinks and faucets to showers and water heaters. Any plumbing fixture is at risk of leaking. Unaddressed or unrepaired leaks can lead to extensive damage, cracks in your home’s structure, dangerous mold growth, and significant amounts of wasted water.

At FLAME, we offer repairs for the most common causes of leaks, including:

  • Age: General wear and tear over many years can lead to leaks.
  • Tree root intrusion: Invasive tree roots can cause tiny pipe cracks.
  • Winter weather: Low temperatures can lead to frozen or burst pipes.
  • Buildup: Corrosion, mineral deposits, and rust can all weaken your pipes.

Call Flame Furnace Company at (888) 234-2340 to schedule your leak detection services today!

Why Choose FLAME? 

For top-of-the-line leak detection and repair services in Troy, trust FLAME. Our licensed and insured plumbers have the expertise to find minor leaks in your home to help save you from costly water damage from major leaks. With upfront and fair pricing, it’s no wonder we’re Michigan’s premier plumbing service provider!

When you need outstanding leak detection and repair services, trust the team at FLAME. Call us at (888) 234-2340 today!


Many of your pipes are behind walls or underground, making it difficult to spot them with the naked eye. That’s why our technicians have sophisticated tools and techniques to quickly locate leaks without direct access to your pipes.

Advanced equipment gives us an accuracy rate of more than 90%. This means we can perform minimally invasive repairs to reduce any harm to your home and get to the source of the issue, saving you time and money.

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