4 Steps to a Clean Bathroom Drain

4 Steps to a Clean Bathroom DrainWhen your bathroom sink drain is clogged, sometimes it can feel like a race against the clock to get your hands washed, teeth brushed, face washed, and take any medicine before the water fills the basin and threatens to overflow.  Plus, that water is gross and filled with soap, spit, and toothpaste.  Not exactly what you want spilling on to your bathroom floor,

So, what can you do when the bathroom drain is clogged?

4 Steps to a Clean Bathroom Drain

1. Empty the basin

Trying to clear a clog with a full basin will not be effective.  Either wait for the water to slowly drain down (if it still can), or use a scoop and pail to remove the water.

2. Manually clean what you can

Pull out the drain stopper and do the best you can to manually clean the area.  You may notice some icky black slime.  However, there’s no need to fear.  Most likely that slime is simply bacteria that has built up from bacteria from all of the skin cells, toothpaste spit, soap etc… that has gone down the drain.  It’s gross and can contribute to clogs, but it’s fairly harmless.  Just wear gloves or wash your hands afterward.

Once you’ve cleaned what you can with your hands, try using a drain snake or a wire hanger.

3. Use a drain cleaner

You can use a commercial drain cleaner, but they are often filled with harsh chemicals.  As The Spruce points out they, “…are dangerous to use, highly poisonous, and so caustic that they can cause skin burns.”

You can easily make your own drain cleaner out of materials you probably already have on hand: baking soda, hot water, and vinegar.  Check out this recipe for a clean bathroom drain:

The Spruce:  Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Boiling Water

4. Call a plumber

Drain still not working properly?  It might be time to get a plumber on the phone.  You want to make sure there isn’t a major problem or some large item blocking the drain.  In fact, there is currently a drain cleaning special happening at Flame right now.

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