A Practical Guide to an Energy Efficient Halloween

A practical way to have an energy efficient Halloween

Between buying a costume to be worn once, buying candy that may get thrown away, and throwing a party, Halloween can feel like a holiday with a lot of waste.

Instead of skipping it all together, try making this traditionally orange and black day a little bit more ‘green.’  Follow these tips for saving energy, saving money, and having a more energy efficient Halloween this year.

7 Tips for an Energy Efficient Halloween

1. Re-use costumes

Maybe your kid doesn’t want to wear the same costume two years in a row, but perhaps a sibling might want it or a cousin.

2. Look around your home for objects that could be turned into costumes

An old first communion dress could make a little girl a bride, throw on a  red polka dot headband with a chambray shirt and you’re Rosie the Riveter, or try a striped t-shirt, beanie, and black glasses to become Where’s Waldo…the possibilities are endless!

3. Don’t buy a new bag for collecting Halloween candy

Use a pillowcase or reusable grocery bag instead.

4. Use LED lights in Jack O’Lanterns and any other decorations

LED lightbulbs use 25-80% LESS energy than incandescent bulbs and last much more longer.

5. Take advantage of nature in your decor

Why buy fake leaves when you can find some real ones outside of your home?  Also, use pumpkins, gourds, and other natural elements instead of paper and plastic decorations.

6. Turn the heat down on Halloween

October 31st can get pretty chilly, but instead of turning up your heat, consider putting on an extra layer.  That’s because your door will be open quite a bit for trick or treaters and you don’t want to waste a bunch of warm air or force the furnace to work hard to make up for that heat loss.  Instead, dress for the occasion!

7. Donate the extra candy

If you aren’t planning to eat all of the candy, there are many places that will accept it as donations.  Instead of wasting it, check out one of these possible donation places.

7 tips for an energy efficient Halloween

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