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3 Ways to Get Ready for Heating Season in July

There’s a shift after the 4th of July.  Can you feel it?  Reaching the 4th of July is like getting to the top of the rollercoaster.  Now, we are on the other side of summer and it is going FAST.

Backpacks can be spotted on display at stores like Target.  Lawn chairs and pool toys are suddenly sporting “sale” tags and can be found in the clearance section.  College students are beginning to pack up for another year away form home, and sunscreen bottles are getting emptier and emptier.

Summer is going FAST, and fall is coming.

Not that we want to wish away these warm days, but we want everybody to be prepared for when the days filled with sunshine end and heating season begins.

So, what can you do to prepare your home for Fall now (in July)?  Many of these tasks are fairly easy to do, and it is better to do them now before the busy-ness of fall sets in with school schedules and sports practices.

3 Ways to Get Ready for Heating Season in July

1. Evaluate your furnace.

Ask yourself these questions: Is it over 15 years old?  How well did it work last year?  Did you feel like you were paying too much on your gas bills?  Then, talk with a professional consultant about what can be done with your furnace to help out your home during the upcoming heating season.

2. Look out for leaks

Did it feel like your home was never quite cool enough this summer?  Leaky windows and doors could be the culprit.  These can be a nuisance and money pit during the summer months, but during the colder times it can actually be dangerous if your home is losing all of its heat.  Fixing up and sealing the leaks now will help to save you money on your a/c bill and also get you ready for winter

3. Add insulation

Insulation is an easy way to make your home more energy efficient.  Plus, like fixing leaks, adding insulation in attics and exterior walls will help reduce energy costs during the summer too.

Now that you’ve done the work, relax and enjoy the rest of summer!  Any questions?  Contact FLAME!

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