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4 Energy Efficient Christmas Decorations to Try this Year

It’s about time to pull the Christmas decorations out of the garage, attic, or wherever you choose to keep them.  For most Americans, the holiday season is one of hefty spending.  Between gifts, travel, groceries for gatherings, and decorations, this happy time can end up being one of stress and worry.

We are here to offer you some tips for how to cut back with your decorations this year.  These energy efficient options will allow you to deck your halls while also saving money.

4 Energy Efficient Christmas Decorations to Try this Year

1. LED lights

One of the easiest ways to make your outdoor and indoor Christmas displays more efficient this year is simply by swapping out your traditional incandescent string lights for LED lights.  The LED option uses 70% less energy and is a safer option to use, according to

2. Solar powered lights

Solar powered holiday lights will be a higher initial investment than regular lights, but once they are up and running they will not cost you a dime!  This is because they use panels to collect energy from the sun during daylight hours that in turn power the lights while it is dark out.  it also means you don’t have to worry about outdoor outlets and electrical timers.  The only downside is that because these require sunlight, they cannot be used effectively inside your home.

3. No lights at all

We aren’t trying to be Grinches here, but foregoing lights is a very effective way to save energy this holiday season.  That doesn’t mean to throw out all festive cheer, however.  Deck your home with greenery and hang up ornaments in your outdoor trees for some Christmas cheer.

4. Blow up decorations

Inflatable decorations are becoming more and more popular, and it is easy to see why.  They are easy to put up, they pack a punch, and they are more energy efficient than traditional string lights.  Some experts tell us that a large inflatable snow globe only requires about 150 watts of electricity, whereas traditional string lights use approximately 10 watts per bulb–that can add up quickly!

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