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5 Garbage Disposal Myths

Having a garbage disposal can be great and convenient.  However, in order to keep it running in optimum shape, it is best to be well informed about the maintenance of a garbage disposal.  Therefore, this post will explore some Garbage Disposal Myths.

Egg Shells Sharpen the Blades

Egg shells do NOT sharpen the blades of a garbage disposal, in fact, they can actually hurt them.  That membrane inside the egg shell can get wrapped around the blades causing damage.  After cracking ’em open, it is best to just throw them in the trash!

Ice Cubes Sharpen the Blades

Though ice cubes do not sharpen garbage disposal blades they are still GOOD to put down the disposal.  Why?  Because ice cubes will knock off any leftover food or other junk stuck to the blades.  For even better results, use ice cubes made of lemon juice or vinegar.

Hot Water is Good for the Disposal

It may be tempting to just keep the hot water running after using it for washing all of your dishes, but in fact, hot water is not good for your disposal.  The high temperatures could cause fat in the disposal to melt, and then it would re-solidify later causing clogs.  Therefore, it is best to use COLD water when running the disposal.

You Only Need to Run the Water Until the Sink is Clear

Even after all of the food has disappeared down the disposal it does not mean that it is gone yet!  Keep the water running for about ONE MINUTE afterwards to ensure that it helps the food go all the way down.

Well, there you have it…5 garbage disposal myths debunked!  For more information, contact FLAME!

Sources:  “How to Maintain a Garbage Disposal” and “Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal” (Huffington Post)

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