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5 Secrets for a Shorter Shower

I admit it.  I take long showers.  And, they are usually really hot.  It’s a problem because showers are actually the 3rd biggest water users in our homes, after toilets and clothes washers.  Not only am I contributing to this water usage problem, but by cranking up the water heat, I am also using extra electricity and gas.  Energy waste and money waste.

In my opinion, hot showers are just so nice, it’s really hard to cut them short.  Do you, or does someone in your home, have a similar problem?  If so, read about some of our tips for a taking a shorter shower.

5 Secrets for a Shorter Shower

1. Take colder showers

A colder shower will accomplish two things.  First, you will be using less energy to heat the water.  Second, mostly likely a long shower won’t be so enjoyable when the water isn’t as warm.  If you aren’t confident in your abilities to not turn up the temperature during the shower, you can always  lower the temperature on the hot water tank itself.

2. Set a timer

Unless you have a clock in plain view of the shower, time can easily get away from you while you are lathering away.  Set a timer, ideally for 5 minutes of less, and rinse and get out when it goes off.  Encourage your kids to do the same–and make a game out of it, fastest shower wins!

3. Try Multi-tasking

While the shampoo or conditioner is soaking into your hair, use that time to soap up or shave.  You can even take multi-tasking a step further and bring your toothbrush and paste into the shower with you.

4. Join the Navy

Actually joining the Navy may teach you to take shorter showers, but we are talking about trying out a ‘Navy Shower.’  This consists of turning off the water while lathering shampoo and washing your body, and turning it back on just for rinsing.

5. Reward yourself

If a long, hot shower is a looked forward to part of your morning or evening routine, choose something else to look forward to afterward instead.  Invest in a soft robe, put a coffee maker in your bathroom, or use that extra time to read, journal, or listen to music.

Still can’t give up those long, hot showers?

If you really can’t let go of them, there is another way to still reduce your shower water usage.  Install a low flow shower head that lessens the amount of water coming out.

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