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5 Ways Practicing Hygge Can Help You Save Energy

Have you heard of the Danish concept of Hygge?  Pronounced “hoo-gah,” this is a trend that has recently gained quite a bit of traction here in the United States.  Country Living explains that Hygge, “…cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.”

Think:  enjoying a mug of hot coffee while reading a good book, or sipping on hot cocoa while watching snow fall outside, or a family evening in front of the fireplace.

All of these things can fall under the umbrella of “hygge.”  It’s important to note that even though certain hygge activities can be done alone, the point of hygge is not isolation, it is about enjoying the simple things with loved ones.

We are on board with this new but old trend, and not just because we love hot chocolate.  The nature of the hygge lifestyle during the cold months also encourages energy and money saving, which is something we all can enjoy.

Just how does hygge help with saving money and energy?  Let’s take a look.

5 Ways Practicing Hygge Can Help You Save Energy

1. Burning Candles

The ambiance of a candle burning can instantly make a room feel cozier, especially if that candle has a yummy scent to it.  Using candles to light your home at night will not only amp up the hygge atmosphere, it also means that you can turn off some of your other electricity using light sources.

2. Warm Fires

Sitting around a warm fire with family will definitely help you to get hygge with it.  Fireplaces help to heat the home, so if you are planning to light the fireplace tonight, make sure to turn down the temperature on your thermostat.

3. Heavy Blankets

Just like a fire in the fireplace, soft and heavy blankets will help to keep you warm without needing to turn up the heat.  Warm cozy sweats, socks, and slippers will do the same thing.

4. Hot Drinks

One of my favorite cozy things to do is sip on a warm drink–either coffee, tea, hot cider, or hot chocolate.  I even have my favorite mugs that I like to drink out of.  The Wall Street Journal tells us that the feeling of warmth we feel from hot drinks is not just in our heads.  In fact, warm drinks can actually raise our core body temperature.  Another way to stay warm without cranking up the heat!

5. Extra Cuddles

Togetherness is a major element of Hygge.  Embrace the togetherness and squeeze in some extra cuddles with your family members.  Feel the love and the warmth!

If you haven’t already left to pick up some extra marshmallows and some fluffy socks, now is time the to do so!  Cozy up, stay warm, and save energy this winter.

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