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5 Ways to Stay Warm Without Touching the Thermostat

Most winter days I feel like there is a battle of wills between me and the thermostat.  I want to leave it be, I really do.  I want to leave it set at an energy saving temperature.  However, too often I find myself almost guiltily sneaking over to thermostat and turning it up a degree or two as my frozen hands and toes thank me.

Is there a way to stay warm without spending an entire paycheck on a heating bill?  It sometimes seems like you have to choose between the two.  Thankfully, the answer is yes!  In fact, there are a few ways to keep toasty without needing to go near that thermostat.

1. Dress Appropriately

Have you ever heard that quote, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing”?  Usually we think of that in terms of bundling up in down coats, hats, and snow pants to head outside, but we can be wise about how we dress inside of our homes too.

Wear thick warm socks to keep your feet warm.  Do you have slippery floors that you are worried about slipping on?  Find socks with grippers, or slippers with traction.

People have stated that keeping their necks covered and warm seem to help their whole body feel warmer.  Pull on a turtle neck, wrap a scarf around the area, or try a neck warmer inside of your home.

Lastly, layers are key for dressing appropriately in the winter months- especially layers made with natural fibers such as cotton.  If you, or your kids, struggle with the feeling of wearing many layers, items such as vests can still keep some warmth in the torso while allowing your arms to feel free and light.

2. Use Hot Water Bottles

No, hot water bottles are not a thing of the past!  A good hot water bottle, like this one from Fashy, can be essential to keeping your bed warm at night.  They are also cozy to hold on to during the day.

3. Stop Drafts

If windows and doors are constantly feel like they are a source of cold air, you can stop some of those drafts with rolled blankets.  Or, you can get creative and make one of these DIY draft blockers.

4. Drink Warm Beverages

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate…both the act of holding the warm mug and ingesting the hot liquid while warm you right up!  (Also, go ahead and a little whipped cream on top…we won’t tell!)

5. Invest in Energy Efficient Heating Units

This is definitely a step that is a much bigger financial commitment than the previous ideas, but if you are in the market for a new furnace, a high efficiency unit can make a serious difference in your utility bills.

Looking for more information about staying warm this winter?  Or, interested in learning more about our residential heating services?  Contact FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical.

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