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8 Hacks to Make Cleaning the Bathroom Less Miserable

My house gets vacuumed every day (well, almost every day), the kitchen counters get wiped down every evening, and the dishwasher is unloaded each morning.  What does not happen every day is a bathroom cleaning.  The downstairs bathroom will get a quick once over before guests arrive, but a truly deep clean in the bathrooms?  Those, unfortunately, don’t occur as often as I would like.  Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be a huge, awful ordeal though.  I searched the internet, looked back on my own experience, and spoke with friends and family about what tips and tricks make cleaning the bathroom easier.

Here’s the list that I came up with:

8 Hacks to Make Cleaning the Bathroom Less Miserable

1. Clean While in the Shower

Two birds, one stone?  Kind of.  Scrubbing down the shower while you are in it will add some time on to your routine, but it doesn’t need to happen every day.  When it is time for a shower cleaning, schedule some extra time for your shower that day.  Apartment Therapy’s Olivia Meunter swears by keeping a Magic Eraser in her bathroom for this very purpose.

2. Dry the Toilet Bowl Brush Properly

I’m not sure how I had never thought of this before, but cleaning blogs across the internet suggest that once you’ve finished scrubbing the toilet, place the toilet bowl brush under the seat so the brush part hangs over the toilet bowl.  This way the brush can dry off before being placed back into its holder.

3. Use the Baggie Trick for Shower Heads and Faucets

Place a plastic baggie filled with white vinegar around your shower heads and faucets.  Use a rubber band to tie it off so the faucet or head is soaking in the vinegar.  Leave it to sit for a few hours or overnight, and voila a clean, shiny new faucet or shower head!

4. Keep Supplies on Hand

One of the best hacks for any type of project is to have the right tools.  An even better hack is to have the right tools nearby when you want to do something.  Instead of running around gathering all of your cleaning supplies before tackling the bathroom, keep everything you need together in the bathroom.

5. Have Wipes Always at the Ready

Whether you buy them or make your own, having disinfecting wipes readily accessible in the bathroom can be a lifesaver for quick clean ups.  Make a habit out of quickly wiping things down whenever you are in there.

6. Keep a Squeegee in the Shower

…and use it.  It only takes a minute or so to squeegee your shower door and walls.  Making time to squeegee become a regular part of your shower will prevent scum and gunk from building up.

7. Clean While your Kids are in the Bathtub

Are you a busy parent without much extra time?  Multi-task by cleaning the bathroom while your kids are in the tub.  That said, be sure to never leave your children unattended and carefully consider what cleaning products you will be using while your kids are in the room.

8. Clean out Hair after each Shower

Whether you have long hair or your live with someone who does, you probably know how hair in the shower can become a gross problem.  When the drain gets clogged the water can’t drain properly which causes soap and scum build up on the shower floor.  Clearing the bathroom drain can be a DIY project, or you may sometimes have to call in a professional.  Prevent this problem by making an effort to clear out any hair on the shower walls or floor after each shower.  Investing in a hair trap for the drain is another good idea.

What are some of your hacks for cleaning the bathroom?

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