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Always Cold? Try Zoned Heating and Cooling as a Solution

I think I may have poor circulation.  I am cold all the time and my extremities (hands and feet) are freezing to the touch.  I seem to be abnormally colder than the average human.  At least I am colder than those I surround myself with.  I like to hope that I am not alone and that there are others like me out there.  I like to hope that somewhere there are other people who bring a sweater or jacket even in the summer in case it gets chilly or the air conditioning is set too high.   For those people, this blog is for them.  This blog is also for the opposite.  Those people who are constantly hot.  Those of you who are in the middle, feel free to also read this post so you can figure out how to stop your wife’s or husband’s or kid’s or friend’s complaining about the temperature.  One way to make everybody happy temperature-wise is through the implementation of zoned heating and cooling.

What is zoned heating and cooling?  It is exactly what the title suggests.  With this form of heating and cooling your home is broken down into different zones that can be controlled separately with individual thermostats.  Therefore, one zone could be set at 75 degrees Fahrenheit while another could be set at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  The number of zones set up in your home depends on the size and how you would like to configure it.

What are some advantages to zoned cooling?

  • Everybody is Happy.  I know people say you cannot please everybody, but perhaps with zoned cooling you can, for at least part of the time.  Depending on how the home is divided into zones people can easily spend most of their “at-home” time in their comfortable temperature while someone else can do the same in a different zone of the house.
  • Money saving.  Zoning your home allows you to truly personalize your heating and cooling.  If a room is not being used, there is no point in having it heated to the same extent as the rest of the house.  “According to the U.S. Department of Energy, system zoning can save homeowners up to 30 percent on a typical heating and cooling bill” (HowStuffWorks:  System Zoning).

If you are interested in learning more about Zoned Heating and Cooling, please feel free to contact FLAME!  Need a quick fix to coldness?  Try jumping in a hot shower or drinking something warm like coffee, tea, hot chocolate or hot apple cider.  Good luck.

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