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An HVAC Blogger’s Ideas for Staying Cool…

It’s before Memorial Day and it is HOT (as many of you are probably aware of).  Though this is very positive for the air conditioning business, we are aware that these almost 90 degree temperatures are not always that comfortable.  That’s why this blog will be dedicated to ways to beat this heat.

  • Buy a great air conditioner.  A good choice would be the Bryant 187B, which has a SEER ratio of 17, making it very energy efficient.  This energy efficiency will save you money in the long run.
  • Turn your air conditioner on.  We realize that it is not in everybody’s budgets to buy a new air conditioner right now, therefore we have a little more advice about keeping cool than just buying a new a/c.  Even turning your air conditioner on may not be included on your list of saving $ acts.  However, you can use it in a way that is efficient.  For example, keep the temperature setting a couple degrees higher than you normally would.  Also, only turn it on when you are going to use it.  So if everyone in your home is at work or school all day, it is unnecessary to cool down an empty house.  A programmable thermostat could be very helpful with this, because it will automatically make sure the temperature is moved up and down when it is needed or not.
  • Drink cool things. Try drinking cool things in order to lower your body temperature.  Cold water is the best bet, and it is better to avoid drinking too much caffeine (it may cause dehydration and those effects could be magnified by a hot sunny day).  To make things more fun, you could have some cold smoothies or even mix fruit juices in with your water!
  • Go to the pool.  Even a quick dip will make you feel cooler as the water evaporates from your body when you get out of the water.  If you are unable to go to a pool; a hose or shower will also do the trick!  (hint-the water doesn’t even have to be cold, though sometimes it is nice if it is!)
  • Sit in the shade. This may seem obvious, but sometimes we forget to sit in the shade, especially when we really want to achieve that perfect tan!
  • Keep lights off and close the blinds.  A darker room can just make you feel cooler and closed blinds will stop the sun’s rays from beating in.
  • Move downstairs.  Heat rises and so the coolest places in your home will be on the lower levels.   If it’s possible it’s best to do your “hanging out” in the basement.  Even without the A/C on, it typically feels much cooler (and it’s almost uncomfortably cold with the air conditioner on).  If you do not already have a TV set up down there, consider moving one down there for the summer, so you can stay cool while you relax.
  • Lighten up! Wear light color clothes since dark ones will absorb the sun and its heat.
  • Lighten up! Try to wear less clothing, especially when you are going to bed.  Consider light weight shorts and tops, and perhaps not sleeping with a comforter or blanket.  (If you are really hot…you could always sleep in the basement!)

Hopefully these tips have helped and you will be able to enjoy this summer weather without overheating!  Questions about air conditioners or programmable thermostats…. Contact FLAME!

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