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Are You Ready for a Summer Power Outage?

Are you ready for a power outage this summer? Since it is not rare to see large thunderstorms, or even tornadoes, this time of year, it is important to make sure that we are ready for the power to go out.  Here are few ways that you can be prepared.


Installing a generator, especially an automatic standby generator, is the best way to be ready for a power outage.  Automatic generators turn on right when the power goes out, and depending on the size of the unit they can keep your whole home running smoothly, or at least the necessities!  What is even better is that automatic generators are hooked up to the natural gas line, so they do not require constant refills on fuel.

What if you do not have an automatic generator and are not ready to make that commitment?  No problem, there are other ways to get ready…


Food safety is a huge concern during power outages. states, “A refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours if the door is kept closed.” and “A full freezer will hold its temperature for about 48 hours (24 hours if half-full).”  The refrigerator should be kept at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and any food that has been in a fridge at a temperature higher than that for 2 hours or more should be thrown out.

In order to be prepared, make sure to have lots of food on hand that does not need to be cooled or cooked.  While the power it out, make a point to open the refrigerator door as little as possible and eat the perishable refrigerated foods in the first couple of hours.


It may seem strange to worry about electronics when the power goes out because unless they are battery powered, they can’t be used, but it is important to be ready for when the power comes back on.  One of the dangers of a power outage is a power surge that can fry and ruin electronics.  Having important devices such as TVs and computers plugged into surge suppressors will help ensure that they do not get destroyed.  In fact, whole house surge suppressors can be installed on the electrical panel to protect everything.

Staying Cool

Summer power outages mean that things can get quite toasty.  Not only is this uncomfortable, but depending on the outside temperature, it can also be dangerous.  Here are few tips about staying cool without air conditioning from Preparedness Advice Blog (Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning):

  • “Don’t cook or eat during the heat of the day, eat early or late. Digesting food takes energy and generates heat.
  • Do not cook inside, eat cold meals or use an outdoor grill or camping stove. This is a great time to use your solar oven or wonder box.
  • If you have a basement, you may want to consider sleeping in it, since they normally stay cooler.”

Another idea?  Use curtains, blinds, and drapes to block out the sun and reduce heat during the day.

For more information about staying cool, surge suppressors, and automatic generators, contact FLAME!  Also check out some of the sources for this post:  Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning (Preparedness Advice Blog) and How to Keep Food Safe in Power Outages (

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