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Clean your Home…And Your Air!

Who doesn’t like having a clean home?  There’s nothing better than coming home to a fresh, neat house.  There is more to having a clean home than just vacuuming, dusting and mopping.  Your indoor air can actually be cleaned as well.  You don’t even have to do that much work to make sure it happens.  Here are some tips:

  1. Have an air cleaner to filter your air.  A great one is the Bryant Perfect Air Purifier or you can look into electronic air cleaners.  The higher quality of a filter, the more dust, mold, bacteria etc. it will catch.  Don’t forget to clean or change your filters!
  2. Keep your home ventilated by using exhaust fans.  (No, the exhaust fan switch doesn’t just make a loud noise, it’s there for a reason).  Use them while you are cooking or taking a shower.
  3. Ultraviolet or UV Germicidal Lights are another way to keep your home’s air clean.  These UV lights actually one-up the filters, because they really “zap” particles you do not want in your home by getting to the DNA level of it.  They are installed within your duct system.
  4. The EPA recommends a humidity level in your home of 45%-65%, so keeping your home at that level can improve your indoor air quality.  To do this you can use humidifiers and dehumidifiers.  You can buy portable ones for individual rooms at many hardware and convenience stores.  You can also purchase one to be installed in your home that will control the humidity of the whole home.  Many of these come with humdistats where you can see and adjust the humidity levels.
  5. Is it Ragweed season?  Or are there are other things floating around in the air that may bother your skin or allergies or even just dirty up your house?  Then keep windows and doors closed as much as possible to prevent these irritants from entering your home.

It may seem like air is air, right?  In actuality, some air can have better quality than other air.  Using filters, UV lights and humidifiers can help to make sure that your air is great.  The good news is, as you can tell, you do not have to physically clean the air–these things will do it for you!  So contact FLAME if you would like more information about this Indoor Air Quality.

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