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Detroit Heating and Cooling Pro: Signs Your Commercial AC Needs a Fix

When it comes to managing the workplace, one thing you have to ensure is that your air conditioning is in good order. The quality of a working environment is essential for employee productivity, and that’s likely to drop due to unpleasant temperature or poor indoor air. It’s best to identify the problem early so you can remedy it before it becomes more costly. Here are some of the warning signs you need to have your AC serviced:

It’s hot and humid inside

Is your thermostat set at 70 but feels more like 80? Does it feel dank inside your business place? Air conditioners are supposed to eliminate heat and humidity and they do that regardless of the external temperature. If the air is uncomfortable, possible causes could be a frozen condenser coil that’s preventing your AC from drawing heat out of the air or a malfunctioning compressor caused by improper refrigerant flow.

Your electric bills are higher

Bills vary monthly depending on how your operations go. If they’re constantly increasing, however, then there may be something wrong with your HVAC system. This can be due to parts that are wearing down and slowly losing their ability to function properly. You may have to repair or replace that part before the entire system breaks down. Air conditioners which do not work well use more power to operate, and higher billings can indicate that.

It creates strange sounds

Air conditioners activate with a ‘whoosh’ and close down with a ‘tick’, but in between, they should operate with minimal sounds. Banging, popping, buzzing and the like are obvious signs that there’s something wrong with the system and it will require immediate solutions from Warren, MI heating and cooling technicians. 

People are getting sick

Dust accumulates in the cooling fins and turn damp because AC condenses water from the air, making the air conditioner a thriving place for mold. According to an IAQ Science article, the number of people who experience wheezing, breath shortness, coughing, and tight chests is higher in buildings with poor condensate drainage, presumed to increase the growth of microbes like molds. In a central AC system, molds can form in the air ducts and vents, allowing them to go undetected for a long period of time.

Being aware that your air conditioning needs some servicing is one way for you to avoid unnecessary business costs related to billing and impaired employee productivity. When looking for a Detroit heating and cooling professional, though, take note that home AC is different from commercial AC. So hire only technicians who have commercial AC expertise, like those from FLAME Furnace.

 (Source: Health Risks of Dampness or Mold in Workplaces and Schools,

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