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Duct Cleaning: Why to Choose flame Over Sub-Contractors

The Challenge

Here’s what I want you to do.

Take a deep breath and really inhale.  No, this isn’t the end to your yoga class. I just want you to breathe in the air that surrounds you. What do you smell? Dinner cooking, your shampoo, the wet dog?  I also want you to think about all of the dust, mold, and allergens that are floating around in the air you just breathed.  There’s no doubt about it; our air is dirty.  Don’t try to deny it because it is.

There is something you can do about this air problem. A nice duct cleaning will really help improve your indoor air quality.  I could talk for a long time about duct cleanings and indoor air quality, but you probably do not want to read pages about that, so this particular blog will focus on duct cleaning contractors.

There are certain large companies, such as DTE that are beginning to offer duct cleaning services through partnerships.  Getting your ducts cleaned is a good thing, but be careful when booking a company to make sure you know exactly who will be in your home.  DTE will be subcontracting this job of duct cleaning.

What Does Subcontracting Mean?

I’m not really going to explain what subcontracting actually means to you, because I figure that you are all intelligent readers and do not need my definition.  I will, however, explain what a subcontracted contractor could mean for you and your home:

The subcontractor may not be certified.  It’s important to check to make sure not just that the company HAS certified employees, but that your individual technician is certified. NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) is a certification to be on the lookout for. FLAME offers NADCA certified technicians to clean and inspect your ducts!

You do not necessarily know anything about the technician entering your home. Remember he/she will be crawling around your house where your family lives, so you want to make sure that you have a good feeling about the technician and that he/she are from a  company that you can trust.  As mentioned, FLAME employs certified technicians and FLAME also has a strict no-drug policy that is enforced by drug testing.

What else can FLAME give over many subcontractors?

A lot! (Well…I may be a little biased, but really FLAME is a good company that does quality work.)  One thing, as far as duct cleaning goes, is that FLAME offers Aeroseal.  Aeroseal seals off your ducts to minimize/eliminate air escaping (this saves you money).  There are other ways to seal ducts, but Aeroseal is the only way guaranteed to seal all over the ducts.  Unfortunately, when using the other strategies, only the parts of the duct work that are visible to the technician can be sealed.


–Remember those review sections at the end of history textbook chapters?  This is like that. So, what have we learned?

–The air in your home is dirty, but duct cleaning can help to eradicate things such as dust and allergens in the air.

–Be careful of who you hire to do your duct cleaning, check to make sure that the job is not being sub contracted.

–FLAME offers NADCA certified and drug tested technicians.  FLAME also offers Aeroseal.

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Contact FLAME!

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