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Fall Allergies, Let the Sneezing Begin…Or Not?

One thing that I will always be grateful for is the fact that I do not suffer from seasonal allergies.  However, I am sensitive to the fact that many others do.  According to WebMD, some of the main fall allergy triggers include:  mold, ragweed and dust mites. Mold thrives in damp spaces such as piles of leaves, while turning on a furnace can make dust mites fly into the air (WebMD). Other than simply taking medication after medication and getting drowsier and drowsier there are other means of relieving allergy symptoms.

UV Germicidal Light

This is a piece of equipment that is placed in the duct work of your home and the light ‘zaps’ bacteria, mold and other allergy triggers. A UV Germicidal Light is one of the most effective ways to improve your indoor air quality.

Electronic Air Filter

This filter system uses ionizing cells and offers the best results. It has the highest capture rate of up to 95% of all airborne pollutants including bacteria, dust, animal hair, dust mites, mildew, lint, fungus, smoke, cooking grease, mold and viruses. They also reduce the need to dust furniture. These cells must be removed and cleaned at least once a month with either a hose or in your dishwasher in order to enjoy maximum efficiency and a cleaner home.


According to WebMD, traditional vacuuming can cause allergies to act up even more. This is because the vacuum will not pick up all the tiny things. They just pass right through the bag and they go up, up and away into the air.  These tiny particles can include lead, pesticides, heavy metals and more. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner with a  HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. These HEPA filters catch more dust and dirt than regular vacuums.

Pillows & Mattresses

Pillows and mattresses can be breeding grounds of allergies and sickness according to Web MD. “The average person sheds about 1.5 million skin cells per hour and perspires one quart everyday…” (WebMD). Therefore, it is recommended that you get an allergy mattress cover that will not let these particles settle into your sleeping area and will also not allow what is already there to come out and bother you. In addition, frequent changing and washing of sheets and pillowcases is also helpful.

As we transition into fall, hopefully these tips will help lessen your allergies and make it so those around you are not constantly saying, “God Bless You!”  For more information about UV Germicidal Lights or Electronic Air Purifiers please contact FLAME. I read the following articles for information about alleges:  “6 Daily Habits that May Make You Sick (WebMD)“, “Taming Nasal Allergies(WebMD),” and “Fall Allergies (WebMD).”

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