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How Do I Get Energy Efficiency Rebates for my Home?

Have you heard that many utility companies in Southeastern Michigan, such as DTE and Consumer’s Energy offer rebates on energy efficiency purchases and improvements for your home?  If your home is in need of upgrades such as a new heating and cooling system or water heater this year, we would recommend looking into the energy efficiency rebates available.

This may seem like an overwhelming process, especially if you’ve ever had to fill out a lengthy rebate form for another purchase before, but energy efficiency rebates are actually quite simple.  We will walk you through it:

What is a rebate?

A rebate consists of a partial refund on the price of something that you paid in full for.  Oftentimes, rebates consist of forms that need to be completed and mailed back in with certain documentation, or they require uploading documents to a website.  Then, you will receive your money back a few weeks later.

What kinds of rebates are available for improving the energy efficiency of my home?

Depending on the type of upgrades you make in your home, energy efficiency rebates could range from around $50 up to $1,000.  This is determined by your utility company, and the money may only be available on a first come, first service basis.

Some examples of energy efficient upgrades could include:  Wi-Fi thermostats, high efficiency furnaces, high efficiency air conditioners, additional insulation, tankless water heaters, and high efficiency water heaters.

So, how do I get a rebate?

There are a few different ways to begin, but the good news is that receiving an energy efficient rebate from a utility company is a pretty simple thing to.  You can either start with your utility company–both DTE and Consumer’s Energy offer instructions for finding a contractor and information about rebates on their websites.

Or, you can start with a heating, cooling, electrical, or plumbing contractor that you already know and trust.  A sales or comfort consultant can walk you through the rebates you are eligible for and help you make the best decision based on the rebate and your home and family’s needs.

Since these are rebates and not discounts, you will be expected to pay the full price when you make your upgrades.  After your utility company receives the right paperwork, you will get that money back.  The best part?  You DO NOT have to worry about any of that paper work.  Your contractor should handle it for you.  Six to Eight weeks later…a check should arrive in the mail.  Enjoy!

For more information about energy efficiency rebates available- contact FLAME!

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