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Grid Inspection, Air Duct Cleaning to Ensure a HVAC’s Peak Performance

When you’re hunkered down at home in the middle of summer, with the HVAC system in full operation, what more can you ask for? A simple problem in the ductwork, however, could ruin all that comfort. In fact, ductwork issues can’t be labeled as “simple” since they affect your entire HVAC. A situation like that often requires cleaning the entire grid, according to a HouseLogic article by Dave Toht.

Grid Inspection

A full inspection of the HVAC grid with an air duct cleaning company will help pinpoint affected sections of the ductwork. If the inspection reveals material, such as rodent droppings and molds, be alarmed, Toht says. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends replacing the ducts, as rodents and molds are signs that the ductwork insulation may have been compromised.

Furnace Shutdown

Shutting down the furnace circuits will also help. For safety reasons, you need to plan on cordoning off parts of the house, where the dirt and debris will be collected and safely disposed of. Preventing the duct mush’s resurgence is possible by installing UV antibacterial lights at key sections of the ductwork and arranging for periodic replacements of high-performance filters.

Two Birds with One Stone

Even after identifying the ductwork as the main reason for the system acting up, do not downplay the possibility that problems may not be just centered on the ductwork. The inspection and air duct replacement should also be an opportunity for furnace repair. Repairs will be vital when prolonged periods of clogged ducts forced the HVAC burners to operate at a higher power setting, but little of the heating/cooling load was forced out the vent.

Having your air ducts cleaned should be more frequent, in light of recent heatwave spells. In Michigan, in particular, you might want to prepare your HVAC for worse incidences. Some residents may recall that the temperature in the state spiked to a record 112 degrees Fahrenheit in July 1936, causing hundreds of deaths. Temperature variations and changes in environmental conditions lately might cook up a “sequel” to that hot summer episode.

Make sure that the air tunnels are clear so your system can effectively channel the heating and cooling load to all sections of your house, whatever the season. An air conditioning maintenance contractor near Detroit, such as FLAME Heating, Plumbing, Cooling and Electrical, can handle the job.


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