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Heating Efficiently: Debunking the Most Common Warren Heating Myths

Maintaining the warmth inside the workplace during winter is essential to keep your employees comfortable despite the bitter cold outside. Although winter might soon be over in a few weeks, acquiring efficient and quality Warren heaters makes for a great investment, since they are essential to prepare yourself for the next cold season: if possible, opt for a more energy-efficient heater that can reduce costs in the long run.

Unfortunately, there are lingering myths about easy hacks or so-called helpful advice you can apparently do inside your office to further reduce costs, yet these could actually cause losses on your part. Persistent myths and misguided advice are aplenty on the Internet nowadays, and it’s important to sift through all the information online and separate the truth from the myths.
Myth 1: Cranking the Thermostat Up

Some people are desperate for instantaneous relief from the cold that they would tend to crank up the thermostat in order to get themselves warm. Others even believe that cranking up the thermostat can heat a space quicker, yet this is a common misconception even among homeowners. Thermostats are like light switches, and they could only either be on or off; raising the thermostat can only make a room warmer than desired and waste more energy, thus wasting more money.
Another misconception by most people is leaving the workplace with the heater in a set temperature. The Department of Energy has advised against this practice, recommending instead to reduce the room’s temperature setting, particularly after work hours when no one is in the office. Setting back the thermostat even a degree lower can have a positive effect on the energy bill.
Myth 2: Investing on More Windows

There’s certainly no harm in desiring a little bit more sunlight in your workplace. You might be hooked on the idea of these windows which contribute to the reduction of heat loss during the winter, but, these windows can be costly, and it could take a long while before you will be able to break-even. When you can simply maintain your heater with the help of reliable Warren heating services, offered by companies such as FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical, why spend more on new windows, right?
Myth 3: Doing Away with Ceiling Fans

You might be thinking: there’s no need for fans during cold weather! On the contrary, a clockwise-spinning ceiling fan can actually help in keeping the warmth in as it could force down the warm air rising to the ceiling.
It’s time to stop believing these common heating myths and start acquiring help for the maintenance of your heating systems for a warmer winter the next time around.
(Source: Common heating myths that can raise energy bills, The Detroit News)

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