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How to Save $5,000: Purchase a Generator

Look out!  On Saturday, June 19-it is supposed to be 91 Degrees with Thunderstorms in the Detroit area according to The Weather Channel.  This could mean power outages.  Oftentimes, a loss of power simply means using some candles and flashlights for a little while.  Perhaps it is even a little relaxing.  However, did you realize that if your power outage goes longer than just “a little while” it could end up being very expensive? This is why you may want to contact us for generator services. Here are some examples of how much it could cost you without a generator:

  • Food (estimated loss: $500-$800).  If you have a stocked refrigerator or freezer, perhaps even two– you could lose all of your food as well as the money you spent on it if it spoils (Imagine milk sitting for a day or more in 80 to 90 degrees…yech).
  • Water (estimated loss: up to $50 or more). According to the CDC, tap water during a power outage could be contaminated since water purification plants may be unable to operate.  Therefore they recommend that you use bottled water for drinking, brushing your teeth, washing your hands etc…
  • Computer (estimated loss: around $1,000 and hours of your time). A power outage could cause you to lose data and documents on your computer.  These could be vital to your job, or they could be the product of hours of hard work.  Also, a power surge can occur when the power comes back on and these can fry out your computer.
  • Flooding (estimated loss: $500- $3,000 and memories) If your basement is prone to flooding, you probably have a Sump Pump, but if that fails due to a power outage during a storm, you may have problem-especially if your sump pump does not have a battery back-up.  A basement flood could ruin furniture, pictures, laundry appliances, televisions, stereos, pool tables etc….
  • Misc… batteries, candles (estimated loss: $30) During a power outage, you will likely be using lots of batteries and candles that will eventually need to be replaced.

Total Loss:  $4,880

As you can see, a power outage can be a very costly thing.  Though chances are you will not lose almost $5,000, it is still a possibility.  One way to avoid this is by investing in an Automatic Stand-by Generator.  These are installed right near your house, and automatically switch on just a few seconds after the power goes out.  These can help save you all the economic loss and distress mentioned above as well as give you peace of mind.  Another plus?  These generators run very quietly.

Contact FLAME for more Information about our Generators and Generator Services!

Some information obtained from “Sump Pump” and “Power Outage” at Wikipedia:  The Free Encyclopedia,  The CDC “What You Need to Know When the Power Goes Out Unexpectedly” Image found- at Invention, New Scientist Blogs

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