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How to Stay Cool and Sleep Well on a Hot Night

It is no wonder that we have a hard time falling asleep when it is hot out.  You know those nights where the air is thick and no matter which way you flip, you just can’t seem to get comfortable?  They are no fun for anyone.  It’s not really our fault that we can’t fall asleep, though.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, the ideal sleep temperature for adults is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.  When a heat wave hits, it can be pretty difficult getting our bedrooms to reach that ideal temperature–not to mention, pretty expensive if you have central air.  So, does this mean we should just give up on sleep when the mercury rises?

We are here to help make those sweaty nights a little bit more comfortable for you, without breaking the bank on your utility bills.  Here are tips for staying cool and a good night’s sleep on a hot night.

8 Tips for Getting to Sleep on a Hot Night

1. Bring Out the Fans

This tip isn’t just for those without air conditioning.  Even homes with central a/c or window units can benefit from all using a fan to help cool things down.

2. Switch Up Your Bedding

We know certain materials are cooler than others.  During the summertime, switch out flannel or silk sheets for more breathable cotton or linen options.

3. Drink Up!

Before bedtime, drink a glass of cold water.  This will help to lower your internal body temperature, plus when the weather is hot, staying hydrated is extra important.

4. Take a Cool Shower

Instead of hopping into bed hot and sweaty at night, cool down with a shower first.

5. Close the Curtains

Thick blackout curtains are often thought of when we want to keep the chill out of our homes, but they can be just as effective at cooling them down as well.  Keep curtains and blinds closed in your bedroom during the day time so the sun won’t warm up your room.

6. Double Check the Vents

If you have central air conditioning make sure that the vents in your bedroom are open and not blocked by any furniture.

7. Head Downstairs

Heat rises, so if your upstairs bedroom is just too unbearable, head to the first floor or the basement.

8. Open the Doors

Keep doors open throughout the home in order to ensure good air circulation.

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