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No Oven Recipes to Help Your Home Stay Cool

I LOVE cooking on hot summer days….said no one ever.  When the sun is shining, not only do we want to spend the day soaking up Vitamin D instead of inside cooking, but turning on the oven can seriously heat up your home.  Especially if you live in a small home–using the stove or oven can seem to defeat all of the hard work that your air conditioner is doing.

Grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers are the obvious summer no-oven meal choices, but what else can you make to keep your family fed and cool?

No Oven Recipes for Summer

Try the slow cooker

A slow cooker in the summer?  Yep, you heard me!  These handy kitchen appliances aren’t just good for snowy winter days.  Melissa D’Arabian for The Food Network suggests using your slow cooker instead of an oven for traditional summer baked goods such as cobbler.  How to make the recipe a success? “…a slow cooker will have much more humidity than an oven, as it is tightly covered. Covering the insert with a thin cotton towel will absorb much of the condensation, and removing the lid immediately after cooking will also help.”

Check out her Summer Slow-Cooker Cobbler Recipe Here.

Don’t give up on salads

Salads can be pretty divisive.  Some people think of salads as food meant for rabbits, while others think a salad makes the perfect meal.  Salads can also be boring if you find yourself making the same kind on repeat.  But, salads don’t have to be that way.  When the weather is hot, salads can be a simple and refreshing dinner choice that can be fixed and manipulated to suit everyone in your family’s wants.

Here are few recipes ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Garbanzo Summer Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing

This is a protein packed salad that can easily be prepped ahead of time for entertaining or eating all week long.

Strawberry Avocado Spinach Salad With Poppyseed Dressing

Healthy fats from the avocado combined with the sweetness of fresh strawberries are sure to make this salad a winner.

Sip on a smoothie

Smoothies may not find their way on to your dinner menu anytime soon, but they can be great options for breakfast and lunch.  In fact, smoothies are an easy way to get some extra vegetables into your kids’ diet.  Throw some spinach in there–they won’t even taste it!  Like salads, smoothies can be personalized to suit anyone’s tastes.

Need some smoothie inspiration?  Try these recipes:

14 Deliciously Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

Light up the grill

As we mentioned before, the grill is an obvious choice for summer cooking…for good reason!  The smell of bbq is enough to wish that every day was the 4th of July.  Plus, grilling allows you to get in your outside time while preparing dinner.  However, if you are getting tired of burgers and hot dogs, try these alternate grilling ideas.

Delicious and unique grilling ideas:

Grilled Salmon

Even if you aren’t a fish person, a perfectly done salmon on the grill can have anyone singing a different tune!

Grilled Vegetables

The grill may be thought of a meat lover’s zone, but you can still get your veggies from the grill as well.

Don’t make your air conditioner work any harder than it needs to this summer.  Give your stove and oven a break and try out some of these no oven recipes.  For more help with staying cool and comfortable contact us at FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical.

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