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How to Prepare for a Cold Winter and Rise in Gas Prices

While helping my son get ready for school the other morning he questioned why it was dark outside.  In his mind, it clearly could not be time to get up and get ready if the sun wasn’t even up yet.  …

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20 Energy Efficient Practices to Try at Home

October has been designated Energy Awareness Month by the Federal Energy Management Program of the US Department of Energy, and this year’s theme is “Leading by Example.”  The goal is that federal agencies will lead by example with energy efficient …

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Why is Too Much Humidity Bad for Sleep?

Southeastern Michigan is ready to be hit with yet another blast of heavy rain this week.  After a summer of rain and all that comes with it: flooded basement, flooded roads, humidity, and mold growth, most of us are tired …

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HVAC Technician’s Guide to Home Air Quality

No matter which part of Michigan you live in, home air quality will be an important factor for you and your family. The air you breathe inside your home can be even more polluted than outside air if you don’t …

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Do I Really Need to Have My Furnace Inspected?

Around September almost all heating and cooling companies will begin talking about some type of annual furnace inspection.  Of course, it is easy to brush this off as just another gimmick to make money, but it is really not.  Annual …

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Step by Step Guide to Finding an Object Flushed Down the Toilet

There is a certain kind of “uh oh” that happens when something gets flushed down the toilet.  Toddlers may say those syllables with an air of surprise as they watch their toy car swirl round and round.  Adults, on the …

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Understanding HVAC Filters: Choosing Ideal Royal Oak Filter

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basic qualities and factors you should be aware of when it comes to HVAC filters. Responsible for removing contaminants and dust from your air before it …

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8 Things to Never Ever Flush Down the Toilet

Most of us can say with confidence what objects we should flush down the toilet–toilet paper and human waste.  But, where things get a little foggy is when we stop and think about what CANNOT be flushed down.  While there …

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5 Money Saving Vacation Preparations

Are you heading out of town this summer?  Taking a flight cross country or maybe just driving up to a cottage for a few days?  Most people have spent the past year and a half sticking fairly close to home, …

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Why You Should Worry About Your HVAC System After a Basement Flood

With the heavy rains that wreaked havoc across southeastern Michigan this summer, many homeowners woke up to find their basements looking more like large ponds than the room it had been the night before.  Unexpected and extra water in the …

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