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5 Money Saving Vacation Preparations

Are you heading out of town this summer?  Taking a flight cross country or maybe just driving up to a cottage for a few days?  Most people have spent the past year and a half sticking fairly close to home, …

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Why You Should Worry About Your HVAC System After a Basement Flood

With the heavy rains that wreaked havoc across southeastern Michigan this summer, many homeowners woke up to find their basements looking more like large ponds than the room it had been the night before.  Unexpected and extra water in the …

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What to Do do Save Your Photographs from a Flooded Basement

Two years ago, we published a blog post about saving photographs from a basement flood and water damage.  Now, in light of the recent 2021 heavy rains and subsequent floods in metro Detroit, is the perfect time to re-vamp the …

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Understanding HVAC Filters: MERV, Location, Types

When it comes to both the long-term quality of your air and the long-term effectiveness of your entire HVAC system, few items are more important than filters. Responsible for trapping contaminants and stopping them from entering your breathing air, HVAC …

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Why You Shouldn’t Shower During a Thunderstorm

There are over 16 million thunderstorms worldwide each year.  While most of us have probably experienced quite a few in our lifetimes, there’s still plenty that average person doesn’t actually know about storms.  For example, did you know that thunder …

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How to Prevent Heat Related Illnesses without Air Conditioning

Did you know that in the United States, more people have died from heat related illness than from any other weather event?  When the temperatures climb, it is not a laughing matter.  Those most vulnerable to suffering from heat related …

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Benefits of Thermostat Upgrade: Environment, Compatibility, Lifespan

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary benefits that come with upgrading your home’s thermostat. Particularly if you’re still dealing with an older manual thermostat that requires you to update it for …

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How to Prep the Bathroom for Potty Training

Potty training is an inevitable part of parenting–one that parents often dread.  It’s true that it can be messy, frustrating, and exhausting, but, it can also be wonderful to experience your child learning a new and important skill.  Whether the …

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Wishing You a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day, previously known as Decoration Day, is now known as the unofficial kick-off to summer.  Some of us may even remember Memorial Day as the day when we could start wearing white again.  Though often filled with barbecues, family …

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How to Make Your Home Smell Good

Smells can evoke certain memories and emotions stronger than any other sense can.  This is because, smells go through our nose and olfactory pathways directly to the hippocampus–which can remind us of memories and feelings without us being directly aware …

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