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How to Prepare for a Furnace Installation

Buying a furnace is an event that most people do only one or a few times in their lifetime.  This means that when it happens, you may be a little unsure of the process.  After all the work of speaking with consultants, learning about the different options and finally deciding on a furnace, you’ve reached the big moment:  the installation.  However, if you have never done this or have only done it once, you may not quite know what to expect or how to prepare when it comes to installation day.

How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for an Installation

A key part of preparing for an installation is just keeping areas clear.  Though technicians will be able to work in a variety of conditions, a clean area creates a safer and more efficient work environment.  Therefore:

  • Clear out the workspace.  This is considerate and will allow the technician to perform a more quality job.
  • Clear out and clean off the area leading to the workspace.  Despite the fact that the technicians will do the best they can to ensure that your home looks the same when they leave it as when they got there, mistakes do sometimes happen.  For your own peace of mind, clear the way so there is no accidental bumping of the priceless vase your great aunt gave you.
  • Clear the landscaping (Air Conditioner Only).  If you happen to be having an air conditioner installed, clear all the bushes outside where the condenser will be going.  These can be replaced afterwards.

Another thing to consider, if investing in a new thermostat, is some touch up paint.  Why?  Because newer thermostats tend to be different shapes and sizes.  That means there may be some bare paint spots or remnants of old paint showing when the new thermostat is installed.  A little bit of paint can fix that right up!  Also, ask the technician, he or she may be able to quickly help you with this task.

Lastly, be absolutely sure to ask to see a copy of the technician’s workman’s comp insurance.  This way you know that you if they somehow get hurt on the job, you will not be held liable for it.

What to Expect with a Furnace Installation

A furnace installation will last a fairly substantial amount of time ranging from a couple of hours to a few days depending on the scope and size of the job.  From a reputable company, such as FLAME, you should expect that the technicians will be courteous, polite and safe.  Furthermore, they will use drop cloths to keep your home clean and wear booties in all areas that do not have drop cloths.

How Can You Help?

You may not know a thing about furnaces, but you can help out with the installation.  First, remember that the technician is at your home for at least a few hours.  It is considerate to offer them the use of your restroom.  Secondly, installation is hard work.  If it is hot day out, a glass of water is always appreciated.

So, now you know what to do prepare for Installation Day.  Enjoy your new furnace and feel free to contact FLAME with any questions!

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