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Spring Allergies? 6 Ways to Protect your Home from Pollen

Spring is (finally) in the air and out come the…tissues.  For 6.1 million children and 20 million adults in America, the warmer temperatures of spring mean itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, and a runny nose.  Yep, we are talking about spring allergies, hay fever, or allergic rhinitis.  Pollen from plants used to fertilize other plants tends to be the biggest culprit and allergy trigger as it gets blown around.  WebMD points out, “Pollen can travel for miles, so it’s not just about the plants in your neighborhood.”

While these symptoms may not seem too severe, those of us who are affected by spring allergies know that it can be downright miserable.  What can you do about it?  Unfortunately pollen in the air outside is a fact of life, but you can work to use your home as a fortress against allergy triggers.

  1. Take advantage of your air conditioner.  We know it can be so pleasant to open the windows and let fresh air in on a warm spring day, but in with that fresh air will come pollen.  So, resist the temptation, keep the windows closed, and use your air conditioner to help you cool down.
  2. Clean or replace your HVAC filter. Start off the cooling season with a fresh filter that will help keep allergy triggers such pollen and dust mites at bay, and it will help your a/c run more efficiently. Experts recommend A MERV rating of at least 8.
  3. Install an air purifier.  Air purifiers can be installed as part of your heating and cooling system, and they work to “kill” things such as bacteria, mold, and pollen that passes through your home’s air.
  4. Actually ‘spring clean’ this year.  Do the spring cleaning you say you are going to do every year. Frequent vacuuming and dusting will help to get rid of pollen that does enter your home.  Remember to change your sheets often as well.
  5. Change your clothes when you come home.  Pollen can get stuck on your clothing and enter your home that way.  In order to eliminate this problem, change your clothing as soon as you come home.  You could even keep a change of clothing right at the door.
  6. Embrace the rain. Pollen levels are much less on rainy days, so invest in an umbrella and a cute pair of rain boots. Rainy days may be the days you want to do most of your outside activities.  Windy days tend to be worse for allergy sufferers as the wind blows the pollen around. 

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