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Re-using Water 101

We use a lot of water on a daily basis.  Think about it.  In the morning we use water to brush our teeth, take a shower, and fill up the coffee maker.  Throughout the day we wash our hands, fill up drinking water bottles, and then use water to help us make and clean up dinner.  Finally, you may end the day with a cup of tea made with, you guessed it…water, and by once again, brushing our teeth.

Water, water everywhere–right?

Not only do we use so much water, we also waste so much water.  You probably already know of some of the typical causes of water waste such as leaky faucets, long showers, or leaving the sink running when it is not in use.  But there are other ways in which we waste water throughout the day.  The good news is that we have plenty of opportunities to save and re-use that same water.

Re-using water doesn’t mean that you need to install fancy, complicated systems.  In fact, it can be quite simple to find ways to re-use water if you look around your home.

5 Sources for Re-using Water

1. Shower water

Most of us turn on the shower for a minute or two before we get in in order to let the water heat up.  All of that water that is being used can be saved and repurposed instead of just going down the drain. This water is clean and is the same water you are getting out of your kitchen tap.  Here are few ideas for what to do with that water:

-Collect the water and use it to fill up cooking pots for boiling pasta or hard boiling eggs

-Collect the water and use it for your coffee maker

2. Leftover water in water bottles

Have you ever noticed after a party that your home is often littered with half empty water bottles?  Instead of simply dumping all of that water out, use it to water your flowers or grass.

3. Pasta Water

Leftover water from boiling pasta may not be great drinking water, but it can definitely be used to water your plants.  This goes for any water that was used for boiling food.  Give your hose a break after dinner tonight and use the pasta waster.

4. Water from rinsing vegetables

When rinsing off fruit and vegetables in the sink, place a bowl underneath to collect the water.  Since it was used to clean the vegetables you shouldn’t drink it or cook with it, but it can definitely be used for watering plants outside.

5. Leftover ice cubes

Have a cooler full of leftover dirty ice?  Sprinkle it on your lawn as a way to hydrate your grass.

Looking for more ways to save water?  Learn about our residential plumbing services including low flow shower heads.  Contact us at FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical for more information.

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