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4 Reasons You Should Have a Whole Home Humidifier

Any of us that have woken up with a dry throat or that have dealt with dry cracking skin know that winter’s dry air can be awful.  One of easiest ways to counter the effects of it is by investing in a humidifier.  Humidifiers can either be portable, or they can be built into your home’s heating and cooling system.  Portable humidifiers are less expensive, but they can usually only humidify one room, whereas a whole home humidifier can add humidity to the air throughout the house.

So, why should your home have a whole home humidifier?

To alleviate dry skin and nose bleeds

Whether you are one of the lucky with just mildly dry skin, or you have bleeding cracks, a humidifier can help.  In fact, one of the things the American Academy of Dermatology suggests for relieving dry skin is using a humidifier.  Adding moisture to the air can help soothe dry or cracked skin that you suffer from during the winter months.

At the same time, the ENTs at the American Academy of Otolaryngology recommend you, “Counteract the effects of dry air by using a humidifier.” in order to help nose bleeds.

To avoid the flu

The flu thrives in environments that are too dry, which is a reason why we often suffer from the flu during the winter.  Keeping your home set at a proper humidity level can help keep you and your family healthy.

You would like to save money on your heating bill

Installing a whole home humidifier can actually reduce your heating bill.  Moisture makes the air feel warmer, which means when you use a whole home humidifier you can actually turn down the furnace and still feel nice and warm.  Staying warm and saving money?  That’s a win-win!

To prevent waking up with a dry throat

According to Livestrong, “Inhaling dry air during the night can dry out the mouth and throat, causing soreness.”  One way to counteract that dry sore throat feeling in the morning is by adding moisture to your home during the night through the use of a humidifier.

Using a portable humidifier this winter will still help to alleviate these pesky dry air issues, but a whole home humidifier adds an extra level of convenience.  With a whole home humidifier you do not need to worry about changing the water or tripping over multiple humidifiers.  For more information, contact FLAME!

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