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Replacing a Boiler

Whether you’ve been hit by an unexpected equipment breakdown or are planning ahead to avoid eventual problems with an old system, FLAME Furnace offers a complete line of quality gas boilers to heat your home efficiently.

Patching a broken or old system means putting today’s money into yesterday’s technology. With a new Burnham or New Yorker boiler, you get a fresh start with advanced high-quality technology designed for comfort and reliability. 

However, simply installing a new boiler into an old system may not be the best solution. We need to evaluate your entire system to ensure you’re getting the equipment that fulfills your comfort needs.

Be sure to tell FLAME if you’ve experienced hot or cold spots in your home or hot water shortages when washing, cooking, etc. Lifestyle changes could also lead you to consider these various heating options: 

Water-heating upgrades :  With a new boiler, you should also consider two different domestic water heating options. An “internal tank-less coil” can be immersed into the boiler’s hot water. The coil picks up the heat and transfers it to fresh water contained safely inside the copper piping. An “indirect water heater” is a separate external storage tank. Hot water is piped out of the boiler’s heat exchanger into a sealed coil inside the tank. Heavily insulated to minimize heat loss, these indirect water heater units can hold up to 19 gallons.

Zoning upgrades :  Hot water systems can be “zoned”–which means different areas of the home can be regulated by their own thermostat. For example, one zone can be created for the sleeping area, another for the living area, and still another for the kitchen/dining area. If temperatures fall off more quickly in one zone than another, the thermostat will call for hot water to be circulated to that particular zone. Thermostats with a “set-back” capability let you turn the temperature down in unoccupied areas–such as bedrooms during the day–to save fuel. System enhancements: Along with a new boiler, there are inexpensive upgrades that can improve home comfort. A constant circulation pump and a few carefully placed non-electric radiant valves can enhance the performance of existing radiation. “Tempering” valves in combination with in-floor tubing creates comfortable radiant floors. 

Since Burnham & New Yorker offer the industry’s widest range of hot water or steam, cast iron or steel, oil, gas, propane, or solid fuel residential boilers, we will specify the right equipment for your home.

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