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Save Money With Zoned Heating and Cooling

Do you leave the lights on if you aren’t using a room? Most likely not. Why, when we are not using a room, does it still be to be heated or cooled? That doesn’t seem to make sense. Guess what? It doesn’t. Zoned heating and cooling is a way to divide your home into zones that can be controlled individually.

Installing zoned heating and cooling does not mean investing in an additional furnace or air conditioner. It is a relatively simple process, only taking 1-2 days. The procedure consists of dampers being installed into the pre-existing ductwork.  Once the zoned system is in place, the temperature can be differentiated from zone to zone. Therefore, you can choose to lower or raise the temperature in each zone depending upon its use.

Additionally, zoned heating and cooling can help to stabilize your home’s temperatures. Some rooms are more drafty or better insulated than others, so keeping temperatures consistent throughout your home is difficult. With zoned heating and cooling, you can adjust the temperature to each zone’s specific needs to increase the comfort of your home.

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