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The Comfort Institute Explains About Finding a Heating and Cooling Contractor

A Special Report by the Comfort Institute, “How to Identify a Good Heating and Cooling Contractor:  17 Things NOT To Do When Choosing a Contractor To Replace Your Old Equipment,” shows people what they should look for when needing a new heating or cooling unit.  The “17 Things” mentioned in the title, that you shouldn’t do, are:

  1. Don’t Assume That All Contractors Are “Pretty Much The Same”
  2. Don’t Choose A “Fly-By-Night” Contractor
  3. Don’t Assume A “Name Brand” Dealer Is Automatically A Good Choice
  4. Don’t Choose A Contractor Who Quotes A Price Without Any Diagnostic Testing
  5. Don’t Ask If They Perform Diagnostics
  6. Don’t Be Misled By The Many Who Will Only Offer To Replace Equipment
  7. Don’t Choose A Contractor Who Doesn’t Ask A Lot of Questions
  8. Don’t Put the Learning Burden all On One Spouse’s Shoulders
  9. Don’t Try To Evaluate Your Options When You Are Tired Or Distracted
  10. Don’t Choose A Contractor Who Doesn’t Explain Your Options
  11. Don’t Make A Rushed Decision
  12. Don’t Focus Only on Initial Costs
  13. Don’t Assume The Lowest Price Company Is The One You Should Hire
  14. Don’t Choose A Contractor Who Doesn’t Have The Proper Instruments
  15. Don’t Put Up With High Pressure Sales People
  16. Don’t Choose A Contractor Who Wants You To Pay Cash
  17. Don’t Try To Buy A New System Over The Phone

Many of these “Don’ts” are somewhat common sense, but what this article is encouraging you to do is to make sure that you know that the company coming into your home to install a new heating system has the experience, training and equipment necessary to do that well.  They should be certified and should be able to size a furnace or air conditioner properly.  The Special Report States, “In order to get the efficiency and comfort you deserve, you must find a contractor who will: -select the right size of equipment for your home  -install it properly, and  -uncover- and solve – any pre-existing problems with your duct system or house insulation.”

If you have any questions or want to make sure that FLAME meets these qualifications, feel free to Contact us!

*All Information from Comfort Institute’s Special Report #3, you can read it yourself here.

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