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The Weather Channel Releases February-April 2020 Forecast

The Weather Channel has released a forecast that looks ahead at February, March, and April 2020.Though we know that there is always room for error when it comes to weather forecasts, it is still helpful to take a peek and have an idea of what could be coming our way.  This way we can be sure that our homes are prepared for whatever weather is to come.

Michigan’s February Forecast:

Unfortunately, thanks to the lack of La Nina/El Nino this year, Michigan can expect to see colder than average temperatures in February.  Therefore, if you haven’t had your furnace inspected yet, it is still not too late.  It looks like there is plenty of chilly winter left.

Michigan’s March Forecast:

Except for the Upper Peninsula, Michigan is forecasted to have average or slightly above average temperatures this upcoming March.  Hopefully this will come as a relief after a frigid February, but Michiganders know that an ‘average’ March in Michigan can still be downright cold.  So, don’t put away your hat and gloves just yet!

Furthermore, it can be tempting in March to put off any major heating system maintenance or investing in a new furnace until the following fall, but March is actually a pretty good time to make improvements or shop for a new unit.

Michigan’s April Forecast:

Michigan will continue to see near or slightly above average temperatures in April.  To give you an idea of what that may look like–in Detroit, the average high temperature for April starts in the low 50s at the beginning of the month and rises to the mid-60s by the end of the month.

We recommend always scheduling an air conditioner inspection before the hot temperatures set in, but unfortunately they cannot be performed when the outside temperature is less than 65 degrees.  Looking at the weather forecast, the end of April and into May would be your best bet for an early inspection.

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