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Warren Heaters Thermostat: Could It Be Causing Your Heating Problems?

Don’t you just hate it when a cold draft blows through the office? Or when you feel a sudden rise in the temperature? This might indicate a problem with your heating and cooling system. However, before you think about tinkering with the larger units of the system, you must first consider the possibility of a defective thermostat. Sometimes, all it takes to fix problems with your residential or commercial Warren heaters is a quick troubleshooting of the thermostat. When your troubleshooting efforts fail, however, it is best to call on a heater repair professional to do the job.

Out of Control

The thermostat should tell the room’s current temperature, but you might feel that the temperature is either higher or lower than the thermostat’s reading. This might be because the thermostat is dirty, corroded, or not mounted properly. Professional Warren heating repair services can determine the root of the problem.

Not Hot Enough

Sometimes the furnace just doesn’t seem to produce enough heat or completely fails to generate any heat. The thermostat might be to blame as there can be problems with its electrical components. It might be that a fuse is blown or some wires are loose. You may take off the cover and examine the wirings, but unless the solution is a simple change in fuses, it is best to leave the problem in the hands of a repair expert.

Abnormal On and Off Cycles

When your furnace keeps turning on and off all by itself and gives the room an uneven temperature, then there might be something wrong with the thermostat, particularly its adjustments. Inside the thermostat is a small lever that calibrates the heat temperature known as the heat-anticipator adjustment. A simple adjustment should fix the abnormality in the furnace’s on and off cycles. If it does not work, you might consider replacing your thermostat.

Inaccurate Readings

If your thermostat keeps giving inaccurate temperature readings, it might not be an internal problem but an external one. For a thermostat to accurately sense an air sample, it must be mounted at least five feet from the floor and located where it can sense the entire room’s consistent temperature. You may need to relocate your thermostat to an area where it won’t be exposed to a direct heat source or blocked by another object. This is a complex job that requires rerouting wires, so trust only a professional to do this.

(Source: Troubleshooting a Home Furnace and Air Conditioning Thermostat, www.About.com)

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