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Warren Plumbing Experts Warn about Burst Pipes and Offer Solutions

It’s normal for commercial establishments in Warren, MI to experience minor plumbing issues, such as leaks and clogs, from time to time. There are plumbing issues, however, that are too complex and must be addressed with the aid of a Warren plumbing expert such as FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical. One such issue is a burst pipe. When you experience this, you should act quickly because it can lead to serious water damage to your property.

 Causes and Effects

There are many factors that can cause a pipe to burst, but the most common ones are the excessive amount of pressure and freezing. When the pipe is clogged, water pressure becomes too much for the pipe to handle, causing it to burst and release the excess pressure. During winter, pipes that are exposed to the cold may freeze and become brittle enough for strong water pressure to break them.

A burst pipe can be troublesome, especially if the breaking point is along the connection that runs in your ceiling or walls. Water flowing out through fissures could get your valuables wet. Depending on the amount of pressure you’re dealing with, prolonged pipe burst may flood the lowest point in your home and your water consumption could skyrocket in a few minutes. In most cases, the potential water loss reaches as much as 400 liters or two full baths an hour.

 Prevention and Solution

To prevent this scenario to occur in your commercial establishment, always keep your water pressure in check. It is also imperative to hire a plumber from Warren, MI to check your plumbing system for possible clogging. A burst pipe usually comes as a surprise, however, signs such as a change in water pressure or clogs may be apparent before it happens.

When a burst pipe occurs, the main water supply must be shut down as soon as water is seen coming out of the wall or ceiling. If the breaking point is along a pipe that connects to a water heater, the valve from the equipment must be shut off. While your in-office utility personnel may have tools and the skills to fix minor leaks and clogs, they may not be ready to provide a permanent solution. You need the help of a professional plumbing company like FLAME Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical to provide a solution.

 Importance of a Plumber

Not only does a plumber know how to address the problem, but he also has the necessary equipment ready. If the cause of the problem is corrosion, he can advise you to replace the rusty pipe with a new one, and perform it once you agree. Once the problematic parts have been repaired, your establishment can resume normal operations.


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