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Ways to Cut Down the Electric Bill

From time to time, coming up with content for this blog is really difficult.  I sometimes feel like I’ve exhausted all topics about heating and cooling (no pun intended).  Upon reflection, I had a spark of an idea.  How about I write some more about electricity (Ok, that pun was intended)?  So I researched ways to lower that electric bill and energy burden on you and your family’s finances.

  1. Turn off lights when you leave your home (That wasn’t actually a reason that I found, but hearing my dad forcefully tell me that many times in high school has definitely left this fact engrained in my head).
  2. Turn everything else off or unplug it.  When my cell phone is finished charging it flashes me a message that asks me to unplug my charger from the outlet to conserve energy.  Why leave a television or something else on in a room if you aren’t there?  One thing you can do, is plug a few electronics into a power strip and then simply flip that strip off.  Some electronics still use power when they are plugged in, even if they are turned off.
  3. Go Green.  I’m not saying that supporting Michigan State will lower your electric bill.  I am suggesting that purchasing energy efficient equipment (look for an Energy Star label) can seriously help.
  4. Feng Shui your Fridge.  I know that I am using the term “feng shui” out of its correct context, but you should think about where your place your fridge or freezer.  Put it in a place that is a naturally colder area, so probably not right in front of window that brings in baking afternoon sun.
  5. Be Organized.  Didn’t your parents ever tell you to not keep the fridge door open?  By keeping items in your refrigerator organized you will be able to just open and grab instead of spending 10 minutes thinking about how you were sure there was still ice cream left.  Also, let your leftovers cool off before putting them in the fridge, so that the fridge does not have to work as hard.
  6. Paint.  A brighter room will reflect more natural light, making electric bulbs less necessary (sorry Thomas Edison).
  7. Use LED Lights.  Enough said.
  8. Turn off the stove.  When you have 5 minutes of cooking time left, turn off the stove.
  9. Line Dry.  Seems quaint, right?  Well treat all your clothes like delicates because it can save you money to not use your dryer as much.
  10. Make sure it’s full.  Don’t run the dryer, dishwasher, or washing machine without it being a full load!

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