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5 Ways to Rid Your Sink of Fruit Flies

Have you ever had fruit flies in your home?  Probably. They are tiny creatures that can drive you crazy.  And, what’s worse, is they can make you sick.  According to Terro, “Unfortunately, fruit flies can easily pick up filth and contaminants from the objects they land on – especially since many of their favorite food items are found in our waste receptacles.”

These insects are known for being attracted to fruit and other sugary substances, so when they appear in our homes, the first thing we do is check and throw out our produce.  Unfortunately, the fruit flies do not always go away just because the fruit is gone.  Fruit flies can find a very good home- in your sink drain.

Therefore, if you see fruit flies buzzing around your sink, even after all of the fruit in your home is gone, chances are you have an infestation in your drain.  Running regular tap water down the drain is not enough to kill the fruit flies.  You have to take a more aggressive approach.  Here are 5 ways to rid your sink drain of these pesky creatures.

  1. Pour Boiling Water Down the Drain-  Fruit flies can usually survive typical water flow down the drain, but boiling some hot water and pouring it down can kill flies and their eggs.  Peptanks points out that this may be done a few times a week for a couple of weeks to make sure you kill any future generations of flies.
  2. Use a Fruit Fly Trap- There are a variety of DIY fruit traps you can make, but you can also pick up some pre-made ones from your local hardware store.  Place these traps near any problem areas such as your sink.
  3. Clean the Drain with Vinegar and Baking Soda- This is a natural way clean out the drain and kill off any fruit flies hanging out in there.
  4. Keep Your Sink Dry– This may sound impossible, but try to wipe your sink dry whenever you aren’t using it because fruit flies need only a little bit of moisture to breed.
  5. Schedule a Professional Drain Cleaning- Sometimes it just seems like you are at your wit’s end, even after trying all of these other things.  If this is the case, having your drained professionally cleaned can help.  Contact a plumber for this service.

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