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Three Ways to Stay Cool and Save Money

How have your utility bills been looking this summer?  A little high? With multiple days over 90 degrees already you may feel like you have been spending extra from running your air conditioner on full blast (and from extra trips out for ice cream.)  When the temperatures are high, it can be hard to turn down the air conditioner, so here are three other ways to save money so you can continue to keep your home cool:

Shut the Lights Off!

Making a conscience effort to turn off the lights around your home will help to save money.  Additionally, it will even help to make your home feel a little bit cooler on those sweltering days.

Limit Indoor Cooking

When possible, try to avoid your oven while cooking dinner.  The oven creates extra heat in your home, which means that your air conditioner needs to use more energy to cool your home.  This leads to higher energy bills.  Use a toaster oven if you can, or head outside and light up the grill!

Keep Windows Covered During Day

It’s no secret that the areas by windows that let in sunlight are usually quite warm.  While this is pleasant in the winter months, this sunlight is not helping your air conditioner cool down your home.  In fact, it is doing the opposite.  Keeping the windows covered with curtains or blinds will allow your air conditioner to cool your home with less effort, which will save you money.

Depending on your family’s schedule, investing in a programmable thermostat is also a good option for saving money.  You can program the thermostat to regulate the temperature of your home based on when people are home or not.  For example, if the family is gone during the day, there is no need to cool down the entire house.  Save money and program the thermostat so the house is only cool when you need it to.

For more information about keeping your home cool this summer, contact FLAME!

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