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Weird But Effective Ways to Hide your HVAC Equipment

HVAC equipment, such as furnaces, air conditioners, air ducts, radiators, vents etc… is not the most beautiful part of a home.  But, that doesn’t change the fact that it is still a necessity in a comfortable, climate controlled home.  These eyesores don’t necessarily have to cramp your design style.

Weird but effective ways to hide your HVAC Equipment

How can you keep your home looking the way you want it to while not interrupting the heat and air conditioning?  Just think…WWCAJD?  (What would Chip and Joanna do?)

Tips for Hiding HVAC Equipment


Bulky radiators may be the hardest thing to hide, but a good cover can do the trick.  Remember, just because covers are common, doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

Some ideas to consider…

  • The covers can be used to add extra storage by making the top a functional shelf.
  • Make the radiator cover continue a little bit past the radiator and add a bookcase right next to the radiator.  Suddenly, it looks you have a fancy built-in!
  • In a playroom or child’s bedroom, use bright colored colors and youthful shapes (think, animals) on the covers to make the radiators a fun part of the room.  Since working radiators can also be very hot to the touch, this is a helpful safety precaution as well.

However, don’t forget to make sure the cover has openings or slats for the warm air to move through into your home.  Also, you should be able to access the radiator fairly easily in case of any repair work that needs to be done.

Air Conditioner

In a forced air heating and cooling system, you will have a condenser unit somewhere outside of your house. Instead of leaving it to just sit there in all of it’s metal glory, you can try some of these tips:

  • Cover it up with landscaping.  Boxwood shrubs, arborvitae trees, or rose bushes can all be used to block the air conditioner
  • Strategically place a trellis in front
  • Erect one of these fun fences around the air conditioner

Air vents covers

Air vents are usually fairly small, but they can still be eyesores.  The internet is torn between whether or not you should try to paint them to blend in with the wall or ceiling.  Whatever side of the debate you fall on, you can still make them work with your home.

  • Have a hardwood floors?  You can find wood covers to stain to match your floor vents
  • For older, larger air vents, try finding a vent cover with a beautiful design.  Take a look at for options.

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