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When Buying a New Home, Don’t Forget About the Furnace

Buying a home can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first home.  You have to think about budget, square footage, mortgages, closings etc….  Words such as crown moldings, sconces and hard wood are being thrown around left and right.  As you are mentally arranging furniture and choosing paint colors in your new home, it is important to not forget more mundane things such as furnace, electrical and plumbing inspections.  These may not seem as fun to think about as deciding between colors such as “egg shell” and “oatmeal,” but you may definitely regret it if you do not pay attention to the heating/cooling, electrical and plumbing systems (think leaky pipes and cold house).

First of all, it is very important to get a home inspection.  You wouldn’t by a car without looking at it or test driving it, why would you not have your home inspected?

However, it is important to have a qualified HVAC contractor look at your new furnace and not just a home inspector.  Imagine going to a regular internal medicine doctor, when you have pain that is unique to your foot.  You should really go to a podiatrist, right?  Well it is somewhat the same with your new home.  You do not want any mishaps later down the road, so it is important to get the furnace and air conditioner checked out properly right in the beginning.

Plumbing and electrical inspections are the same idea.  It is better to have those checked out by specialists as well.  Some companies, like FLAME, offer HVAC, plumbing and electrical services making these inspections easier and more convenient for you.

So while you are measuring floor lengths for rugs, just keep in mind those behind the scenes and behind the walls things such as your heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical. Contact FLAME if you would like to schedule and inspection or if you just have any questions.

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