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Winter is Still Coming: Get Your Home Prepared

Your hands might be cracking, your hot chocolate store might be running low, and the tread in your boots might be running thin.  All of these are signs that we are in the midst of a harsh, snowy, and COLD winter this year.  Furthermore, it does not seem like it is ending just yet.  Therefore, it is important to continue being prepared.  When a cold winter storm is forecasted what should you do to get ready?

Get your Home Ready

If possible, outfit your home with extra insulation.  Yes, this is important for energy efficiency, but when it comes to winter storms it is also a safety measure.  In the event of a power outage or a broken furnace, it is important for your safety and the prevention of frozen pipes to keep as much warm air inside as possible.

Stock up on food and water

Depending on how bad the storm is, who knows if you will be able to make it to the store for a couple of days.  That is why it is important to stock up on any necessary items like food, water and medicine before the first flakes fall.  Make sure to have a good supply of non-perishable items.

Close the Garage Door

When the temperatures are dropping, keep the garage door closed if you have pipes running through it.  Protecting water pipes is of the utmost important during the winter, especially exposed pipes or pipes in areas with little or no insulation.  Read more about that here.

Keep the Temperature Consistent

It is true that a simple way to save money is by turning the thermostat down at night, but when you have a winter storm or “Polar Vortex” on your hands, it is best to keep the temperature up in order to prevent the risk of freezing pipes.

Make Yourself and Others Aware

This includes staying up to date with the latest weather information, but also knowing where the water valve shut off is in the event of freezing pipes, and how to safely operate space heaters and portable generators.

Charge your Devices

Unlike with other disasters, such as earthquakes, we usually know when a winter storm is coming.  Therefore, if one is is forecasted make sure that you are charging any phones, laptops or iPads  in case the power goes out.

For more information about preparing your home, please contact FLAME!  Also, if you are interested, ask about an automatic generator that will automatically turn on when the power goes out.

Check out these sources for this info:

Winter Weather Safety: Before (The Weather Channel)

Winter Storms: Take Preventative Action (The Weather Channel)

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