Bryant® Humidifiers

Keep your family free from sore throats and dry skin with one of our high-quality Bryant® humidifiers. When air is humidified it feels warmer to your body, allowing you to enjoy cooler temperature settings in your home. This means saving money and energy throughout harsh Michigan winters.

We have four options for you to choose from:

The Preferred™ Series Steam Humidifier keeps you more comfortable in drier seasons with fixed humidity control. With a water vapor output of 34 gallons a day, this unit is ideal for larger homes.

Preferred™ Series Large-Fan Powered Humidifiers are perfect for large homes. This unit, operating at 18 gallons a day, can help keep winter heating bills down because humidified air feels warmer at lower temperatures.

Designed for moderately sized homes, Preferred™ Series Small-Fan Powered Humidifiers properly humidify the whole home. Removing moisture from the air can help prevent damage to wooden furniture and symptoms of dry skin.

A Preferred™ Series Bypass Humidifier is the perfect addition to a home heating system. It humidifies air all season long to help keep your family comfortable.

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