Department of Energy Explains How Much Energy You Actually Consume

In Michigan the average person used 143,600,00 btu of energy in 2012 (Energy.gov).  We can tell that this is a large number, but what does it actually mean?  Energy.gov took the time to break this statistic down for us in an easier to understand format by comparing it to benchmarks we are more familiar with:

In 2012 the average person used enough energy to…

Fly a Boeing 747 from NYC to DC

The amount of energy the average person used was equal to…

14,853 lbs. of coal

30,176 burritos

159,480 sticks of dynamite

(How Much Do You Consume?, Department of Energy)

When we put it this way, it is much easier to truly see how much energy we, as individuals, consume on a yearly basis.  That is why it is so important to practice energy saving measures daily.  As we move into fall consider what changes you can make in your home, such as using a programmable thermostat or adding more insulation that can help reduce the amount of energy you use.  What’s even better is that saving energy is also saving money.

For more information about ways to save energy in your home, contact Flame! If you would like to learn about the national average for consumption, or check out how we do compare to other states, be sure to visit: How Much Do You Consume?  from the Department of Energy.

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