Disposing of Old Mercury Thermostats

If the thermostat that is in your home is 10-12 years old or older, it is probably a mercury thermostat.  Due to its negative impacts on the environment, replacing your mercury thermostat with a digital one  is better for the earth.  However, it is important that the mercury thermostat is disposed of properly.  If not, not only is mercury bad for the environment, it can cause serious damage to your health as well (US EPA).

Old Mercury Thermostat


If you replace your mercury thermostat, consider investing in a digital set-back or automatic thermostat.  These thermostats can be set to automatically raise or lower temperatures at certain times during the day so that you are not heating or cooling your home when it is empty.  The good news is that, replacing your thermostat does not mean that you need to replace a furnace.  A newer thermostat will work with an older furnace.

A certified contractor, such as Flame is able to dispose of a mercury thermostat correctly.  Questions?  Contact Flame!  For more information about where to recycle mercury thermostats in Michigan, click here.

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