Do not Freeze When You Lose Power in the Winter

You heard an awful a lot about generators this summer.  Summer is when many storms hit causing big power outages that could affect you for weeks!  However, have you thought about losing you power in the winter?  It is still possible from storms or drops in temperature or other factors. 

Being prepared is the best route to take when losing your power in the winter.  Though it may be uncomfortable in the summer to go without air conditioning for a while, it is even worse going without heat in the winter.  It could even be dangerous.  Some basic preparations you can make include

  • having lots of water ready
  • having flashlights or other sources of light readily available
  • battery powered alarm clocks
  • wood, if you have a wood burning fire place
  • etc..

An investment that is worth making, is a generator.  There are both portable and stand-by generators.  Portable generators are less expensive, yet they do not power as much as a stand-by generator would.  Stand-by generators are installed right outside of your home, and depending on what kind you get-they can power majority of your home.  An automatic stand-by generator is a great choice for winter.  This is because it will sense the power outage and automatically start running.  This is extremely nice if the outage occurs while you are asleep during the middle of the night.  You may hardly realize that there even was a power outage!  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your home can pretty much be always powered and full of heat?  

Flame Furnace can help you to figure out the right stand-by generator for you  (They do not offer portable generators) and they can install it promptly!

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