Do Your Ducts Look Like These? Six Reasons and Photos to Clean Your Ducts

According to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), “up to 40 pounds of dust is created annually through everyday living.”  This dust along with other substances such as pollen and mold can accumulate in your ducts and circulate in the house’s air aggravating allergies and causing the heating and cooling system to be less efficient.  Those are reasons why your air ducts should be cleaned, but if you are unconvinced, I invite you to learn a little more and take a look at the following pictures.  A pictures is worth a 1000 words and these photos give first hand testimonials to the benefits of duct cleaning.


Ducts in a Smoker Home prior to being Cleaned

Ducts in a home with smokers prior to being cleaned.



Ducts in a Smoker Home after Cleaning

Ducts in a Smoker Home after Cleaning

These first few pictures are examples of the ducts in the home of a smoker.  The most incredible thing is the difference in color!








When ducts are cleaned, a thorough procedure is used, though the actual process may vary.  At Flame the technicians will drill small holes in the duct work  in the basement every 4 to 5 feet and then flexible brushes that expand are inserted into each of them.  These brushes are connected to an electric drill and to a truck outside.  When the drill is turned on the brushes spin and brush all around while the debris they loosen is sucked back into the truck.  As much cleaning as possible is completed in the basement.  Upstairs, where there are registers, pressure in the ducts is used to clean them out.


Ducts in a home with Multiple Pets prior to Cleaning

Ducts in a home with Multiple Pets prior to Cleaning

Ducts in a home with Multiple Pets after Cleaning

These photos showcase the before and after duct cleaning in a home with multiple pets.  You may have noticed your dog’s hair on the couch, but probably didn’t realize it was sucked up into the ducts as well.







Can you imagine that the heated and cooled air you breathe in your home goes through these dirty ducts?

Don’t smoke or have pets?  Well unfortunately, that does not give you a “Get Out of Jail Free” card on dirty ducts and duct cleaning.  There can still be plenty of build up in your ducts.


Dirty Duct in Home prior to Cleaning

Dirty Duct in Home prior to Cleaning

Dirty Duct in Home after Cleaning

Dirty Duct in Home after Cleaning


These are photos of duct work in a typical home that did not necessarily have multiple pets or smokers.







Convinced yet?  Worried that your ducts are maybe looking similar to these photos?  If you do decide to have you duct cleaned, when looking for a contractor, look for a NADCA member.  NADCA members all have certified technicians that must clean ducts up to a certain standards (NADCA).  On NADCA’s website, you can search for members near you.

All of the above photos were courtesty of Jason Clark of Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical.  For more information about duct cleaning and Indoor Air Quality please contact Flame!

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