Is it Too Early to Schedule a Furnace Inspection?

Are you wondering if it is too early to schedule a furnace inspection with a quality HVAC company?  The simple answer is NO.  However, you may think we are only saying that as a heating and cooling company.  But, we are urging you to schedule your inspection sooner rather than later because we know it is actually the best choice for you.  Here are 4 reasons why it is NOT too early schedule a furnace tune up:

  1.  The Weather Channel has predicted a colder than average September for the Midwest:  “The mid-South, Midwest and mid-Atlantic are forecast to be below average during September.”
  2. Scheduling early gives you greater flexibility when choosing a day and time for a technician to come, which means the inspection will be more convenient for you.
  3. If problems with your heating system are discovered during the inspection, you will have more time to have the problems the solved.  You can feel much more comfortable knowing that your family’s home will be warm when the weather gets really cold.
  4. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!  Seriously, why not call and schedule while you are thinking about it before you forget?

If you would like to learn more about what a furnace inspection consists of, or if you would like to schedule yours- contact Flame!

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