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When thinking about things like replacing a furnace or buying a generator it can be a daunting task.  They are large units that affect your home and you really do want to make sure that you have picked the correct one.  If you call Flame Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we will be more than happy to give you assistance with one of our comfort consultants.  However, what if you want to do some research? If this is the case, www.ffold.awcsite.info can help you out.  At the bottom of the home page you will find little boxes with labels including; “Should I Repair or Replace?” and “I Want a Healthier Home.” Clicking on these little boxes will give you the information needed regarding these subjects.  Here is a complete list:

  •  “Schedule a Repair”- Clicking on this will lead you to a form that you can submit online to schedule a repair.  If you do not have time to call, this is an easy and great way to go.
  • “Should I repair or replace?”- This box will lead you through some steps that can help you figure out if you should repair or replace your units.
  • “I Want a Healthier Home”-This box shows you some possible pollutants in your home, along with Bryant’s solutions for them. Other aspects of a healthy home are also incorporated.
  • “Select a New System”- This does exactly what it says, and helps you to select a new heating and cooling system through a complete step by step process.
  • “High energy bill concerns”- This shows you different ways to reduce the energy bills in your home.
  • “Power Outage Protection”- This provides information about generators and ways to protect your home from power outages.  It will also have you fill out necessary information about your home. Flame can call you about generators if you desire.
  • “I am Ready for Maintenance”- This box will give you a form to fill out if you would like maintenance work.  You simply click submit and you are all set.

If you have any questions, we hope that these boxes will be able to help you  If you have more questions call Flame.  If you have questions or comments about accessing the boxes etc… feel free to comment on this blog.

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