Freshen Up Your House with New Registers

Are you sick of looking at your air registers?  Are they an eye sore in your home?  Sometimes having a brown air register on a white wall or floor can really stand out.  If you would like to change this read on to find out how you can color coordinate your registers with the rest of your home decor.

  • Spray paint the registers. This can easily be done in a basement or a back yard.  Make sure to have newspaper or a drop cloth underneath to prevent any big messes.
  • Take the Registers to an Auto Shop. At places such as these they have experience painting metal, and can therefore make your registers look shiny and new.
  • Purchase new ones in a color that works. Registers generally run around $15-20 at hardware stores such as Ace Hardware.

Making  a change such as this can be a great way to freshen up your home this spring.  For more information, please contact Flame!


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